I am in Australia so we are in winter currently. Before planting the palm into its new location, make sure that the new hole is watered. Learn how to Grow a Medjool Date Palm … If you can’t, place it in a shady spot and keep the roots moist. In fact, in Israel, a date tree was grown from a seed that was 2000 years old. If you cut off a palm tree at the trunk, it will not grow back. Date palms tend to be hardy and drought-tolerant and make a nice addition to the landscape. They do not all ripen at the same time so several harvests are required. Fertilizer for the pygmy date palm. Try to plant it as soon as possible. Don’t give up. Date trees are easy to grow from seed. date palm, canary island date palm, and queen palm (Hodel and Pittenger, 2003; Hodel et al., 2003). You’ll transplant the date palm into larger pots as it grows. Each delicious Medjool date has a seed inside that can easily be grown into a tree. Save some of the seeds by removing them from the center of the dates. At the Palm Guys we supply and transplant mature Canary Island Date palms and source a wide variety of palm tree stock. The date palm, a well-known fruit-producing ornamental, is relatively easy to transplant, according to the University of Florida Extension. Just place 3 spikes into the ground around each tree. The Palm is around 2 and a half metres in height. In practice, regenerating a large number of roots quickly is most critical to successful transplanting of mature specimen palms, so the total number JJan2005HT.indb 129an2005HT.indb 129 112/6/04 4:36:08 PM2/6/04 4:36:08 PM Only one month ago, I separated and planted four small pygmy date palms (Phoenix roebelenii). It is known to be one of the world’s most majestic palms and perfect for transplanting. Pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebelenii) is a small palm tree with feathery leaves and a single trunk.This slow-growing tree, which rarely exceeds mature heights of 6 to 10 feet, grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11. Because my four pygmy date palms were growing closely together in one pot, they had become root-bound. Be sure to transplant at the same depth the palm was originally planted at (some try to save money and time on staking up newly planted palms by planting them a foot or so deeper for extra stability, but this can lead to root suffocation and loss of the palm). Place the palm into the hole at the same depth as it was growing before. The one palm in particular that is popular for transplanting is the Canary Island Date palm. I use the Jobe’s palm tree fertilizer spikes 10-5-10. Planting the palm. I will keep you updated on how my new pygmy date palm trees are doing. Then pack soil around the palm tightly. Add water to the hole after you have planted it. Dig a hole twice the diameter for the root ball. Date palms can take 4 to 8 years after planting before they will bear fruit, and start producing viable yields for commercial harvest between 7 and 10 years. I like to use three parts of native soil … I was in a hurry to plant my new pygmy date palms. Mature date palms can produce 150–300 lb (70–140 kg) of dates per harvest season. However we have quite mild winters in my area, and many plants still grow albeit a bit slower. Hi all, About a month ago, I transplanted a Pygmy date Palm into my backyard. Whether you are growing your pygmy date palm in a pot or in the ground, it needs fertilizer to stay healthy and grow. Some palms are unique in their root-growing properties, with Sabals being one example. Since palms require a good drainage, add some sand to the soil mix.