While researching this blog post, I found an article stating that this cannot be anything different than mass hysteria. Stitched In The Middle wrote a very informative post explaining how accessibility helps everyone. But what happened in 2013 when Apple released iOS 7 proves that those reactions are genuine. It was a surprise for everyone, especially for the ones that started to experience physical issues while or after browsing it. The best practice is to conduct user testing sessions, where users are given tasks to complete. After a group of users experienced physical issues from browsing the redesigned interface, Ravelry lost the trust of their community. Your blog post was excellent. For those unaware, in June the yarncraft website Ravelry.com suddenly and without warning rolled out a full site redesign and rebrand. Remember me Log In. It was hard to understand the differences without seeing them side by side. There is no other way to put it: accessibility and usability need to be an integral part of the design since the beginning of a project. On June 19, a lengthy blog described how the team picked new colors and icons. By making your team an integral part of the website redesign process, the new website design will benefit from their expertise and experience. Our objective for this project was to redesign the user experience of a digital product for 5 years in the future through research and design sprints in teams of 2-3. Acrylic Yarn: The Ultimate Guide for Crafters,…, The Simplest Knit Christmas Tree Skirt Ever, Knitting Pattern – Scourie slouchy beanie Hat, Knit Matching Arm and Leg Warmers for a Fun ’80s Vibe, Free Snowflake Mandala Hand Embroidery Pattern, 25+ Christmas Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make, Wonderful ways to re-purpose doilies for the holidays, 15 Christmas Candy Cane Crafts You Can Make For The Holidays. CraftGossip | Start Here | Contact Us | Link to Us | Your Editors | Privacy and affiliate policy. Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters. As a knitting and fiber website, it has a shocking 9 million members. I have downloaded all of the patterns I had saved in my account. Dec 13, 2017 - Please note, as of 7/23/2020, this pattern is no longer available on Ravelry. It was a lot of work. Involving users as soon as possible in the process is paramount; we need to gather feedback and iterate to avoid wasting time and money. We already had our cinnamon color for the logo, and now we needed some color friends. Thus, the icons are not conveying their true function, adding yet another challenge. That the individual designers will not suffer, but will realize how important it is to be aware of and sensitive to the needs of all of their users. Ravelry’s Wikipedia page states that, as of March 2020, they had almost 9 million registered users, and approximately 1 million monthly active users. Here’s how →. Ravelry is saying all of the right things about inclusivity, but their actions prove they ‘talk the talk’ but don’t know how to (or don’t really care about) walking the walk. In addition, you’ll also keep your team motivation high and foster a feeling of belonging and involvement. Ravelry published a 35-pages survey. [1/6] pic.twitter.com/nCVTcr2fi8. In response, Ravelry has shut down the “Accessibility” thread in their “For the Love of Ravelry” forum, silencing their neurodiverse user base. Some were enthusiastic, others critical. I also know that we design for other people: we need to listen to them to create a successful experience. There is a strong subjective component at play in judging a new design, to the point that it is almost impossible to make everyone happy. I am so sorry that our actions, or inactions, have made anyone in the community feel unheard. A website is credible when it engenders trust in its users by being accessible and secure. Sign Up Ravelry is a free website for knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists. I’m glad you liked it, and I’m sorry your experience with the new Ravelry is not good. Meanwhile founder Jessica published a letter on the Ravelry blog apologizing for the “stress and uncertainty” the redesign has caused. This chatbox also mimics the in-store experience by providing the same level of customer support as the … Accessibility makes sure people with disabilities can access the web. But I believe that moving on is the best thing to do now. I like your summary very much! If you found something valuable in my posts, then consider buying me a coffee. Continue to ask designers for alternative outlets for their products. While the aesthetics of the site could be debated, the new site triggered hundreds of migraines in migraine sufferers, and at least eight confirmed seizures in users. The issue with the iPhone’s operating system was clear: the newly introduced animations and the way they were implemented made people with vestibular disorders sick. Each question required to check designs which had to be opened in a new window. It is heartbreaking, but I am going to move on from Ravelry. Something like making sure a website is still legible when the font is increased on the user's system, or navigable without clicking or moving a mouse. Design, Digested is a newsletter about design, tech, their implication in our lives and the occasional photography work. Same. While it’s clear they want to make the redesign work by fixing the problematic areas, the survey was troublesome: They also introduced the concept of a chatbot who could guide buyers through the purchasing experience. The old version had been around FOREVER, so this redesign is a big deal! I will miss the knit a longs I was participated in. Play Pause. Learn how your comment data is processed. I want to see each of the marginalized peoples get the attention they deserve, and that necessary changes are made for all that need them. For well over a month, we have begged you to do something. Ravelry.com launched a new look website on 16 June. Ravelry … These impressive statistics are mentioned to demonstrate how important nailing their recent redesign was. Username Password. Updates: the text has been corrected to delete inaccuracies about when the old design will be retired (there will be a six-month notice) and the fact that screen reader software didn’t work correctly with the old version, too. Usability ensures that a product is effective, efficient and satisfying while it stays accessible. Since Ravelry changed its site design last month, making it unusable for some people (and it’s unknown when or if those issues will be fixed) many people are looking for alternatives to Ravelry for buying and selling patterns. Ravelry’s response has been to block any discussion of accessibility issues on the website. I am heartened to see that the Black Lives Matter is getting the attention it deserves. Well-known among knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers, Ravelry is a free platform where users can organise and keep track of their projects, network with other people and sell their designs. A fresh design & a better mobile experience. The redesign highlights complete interior arrangements in a less cluttered way than the current IKEA site. The redesign has caused migraines in some users after just a short exposure to the site, and for others, it has triggered seizures. Based on my understanding, they waited for all pages to be ready before starting to test the new design, a choice that backfired. In June 2020, Ravelry announced a redesign of their new website. The survey. In this video tutorial from the American Crochet Association, we review the new look Ravelry has launched today (16 June, 2020). People needed to look at screenshots from the same pages that caused them problems. After the redesign was unveiled on June 16, the Ravelry team posted twice on its homepage. It’s good to see that the community is actively looking for ways to help who cannot access the website. All of this achieved by a small team of only 6! As people started browsing the site, a percentage of them started to report episodes of eyestrain, migraines, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and even seizures. It was very functional & fast loading, but not the prettiest. That’s probably because Ravelry was always perceived as a community. IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing migraines and seizures when accessing Ravelry due to their site redesign. A few days later, they provided the ability to switch back to the old design, a decision that was greeted with gratitude but also with reports of previously non-existing bugs. When Ravelry redesigned their website in June 2020, their new design immediately created accessibility issues for people. From what we understand, Ravelry recently made changes to their user interface which, according to some users, may be affecting people w/photosensitivity. Thank you very much, Jennifer! As a designer, I know how exciting it is to redesign interfaces that feel dated and how hard it is to receive negative feedback. Please contact us for help at info@knitcircus.com if you have concerns. Be patient with pattern migration. In June 2020, Ravelry announced a redesign of their new website. In Ravelry’s case, even those who are free from these issues are suffering from visiting the site. Luke and his team wanted to extend this idea to the IKEA website as well. Design, Digested is a newsletter about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work. I definitely think Ravelry probably should have incrementally updated the design, or made it an opt-in beta to gather feedback before just changing it for everything. The layout elements have dark solid borders, while the background is white. Member of the Interaction Design Foundation. On 16 June, with no previous announcements, Ravelry rolled out a redesigned interface with new branding. They have coded a workaround that uses a Style plugin and a Userstyle so that the website feels softer and a little more what we're used to. This was the hardest part of creating the new look. Six days ago, Ravelry rolled out its new branding and redesign and at Countess Ablaze we have made the decision to strip our Ravelry profile, although we will update with new yarn bases so our beloved customers are not impacted on their project pages, and I’ve gone through our website today to remove all URLs to Ravelry. Immediately reports of migraines, dizziness, and nausea appeared, as well as reports of seizures. Besides the aforementioned physical issues, the fact that screen reader software doesn’t work properly blocked a group of people from accessing the website. New site redesign on June 2020. Get 3 months of free membership to learn UX Design! Website lionbrand.com While the aesthetics of the site could be debated, the new site triggered hundreds of migraines in migraine sufferers, and at least eight confirmed seizures in users. They have also closed comments on their Instagram account, deleted comments on their Facebook page, and are not … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. UPDATE: You can now revert to the old Ravelry design. My best friend, who is both a knitter and librarian, told me about it back in 2009. In response, Ravelry has shut down the “Accessibility” thread in the “For the Love of Ravelry” forum, silencing their neurodiverse user base. A UX Designer with a passion for photography, Silvia writes about design and tech. Last month, the well-know among knitters and crocheters website Ravelry underwent a redesign of the interface. 04. She is my first Ravelry friend and I have had so much fun saving and sharing knitting patterns on the platform with her, as well as all the knitters I’ve met over the past decade. I’m not an assiduous knitter, and I wasn’t using the platform that much, so deleting my account was a natural step. With time, users get used to the new: but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Log In. They’ve doubled down now and issued a form letter heavily implying that the people having difficulties are making it up, and that no one from the Epilepsy group actually looked at the site. When I began this blog 6.5 years ago, there was no intention for it to be anything but a hobby, but now it’s my whole job. The Ravelry team was slow to respond and, when they did, the community felt like the apology was inadequate. In June, Ravelry launched a site redesign. One of the goals is to understand if an interface is usable. newest posts; eye candy; tips; humans of ravelry; A letter from Jessica. The Ravelry community are speaking out against the lack of inclusive design decisions and some people have been experiencing seizures when using the website. THAT IS A COUNTRY. Dear Ravelry Community, I first would like to apologize for any stress and uncertainty that the Ravelry site redesign has caused in what is already a difficult year. They politicized and polarized the knitting community in a disgusting way. I've been shocked at the degree of negativity around the Ravelry redesign. The seizures appear to be triggered as part of the high contrast redesign colours and patterns, as Countess Ablaze describes: Follow the thread on Twitter: Members of our epilepsy community have expressed concerns about content on knitting & crocheting community Ravelry. Comments poured in a thread that had more than 7,000 replies. This year the script flipped when Ravelry was accused of failing to be inclusive by not fixing a website redesign that some users said triggered migraines, seizures, and nausea. It’s quite scary to think that a company has had a monopoly on a market for so much time, even if it happens very frequently these days. A "no hate" platform has become quite a divided space and ridiculous. It explained everything so well. It’s a tremendous amount of work. When words are not easy to find, she publishes her pictures. I am so sorry that our actions, or inactions, have made anyone in the community feel unheard. Ravelry published a 35-pages survey. If you did, then consider buying me a coffee. The old Ravelry site had quite a dated look. While the aesthetics of the site could be debated, the new site triggered hundred of migraines in migraine sufferers, and at least eight confirmed seizures in users. Because of the nature of the community, even the ones who didn’t experience any problems felt disillusioned. Here are some examples of the damage a redesign can have on your SEO: Changing your URL structures can create broken links and collapse your site architecture; Removing pages often means losing valuable backlinks ; Too many 301 … We have had migraines, headaches, vertigo, 10 seizures, eye strain. Trump" or pin cushions with Trumps head. Please proceed with caution when clicking links that lead to Ravelry's website. Ravelry made a political stance based off untrue statements, it's disturbing that yet another platform takes a side and causes more division.' However, after reading several pages of the feedback thread, I'm shocked at how negative the community response is. Ravelry’s disastrous and totally tone deaf manner of updated has put the focus on a diverse and serious group of marginalized users. Finally, the newly redesigned icons have many details that get lost in the small rendering on the page: a 16px square that seems to be a code legacy. On June 19, a lengthy blog described how the team picked … Tools are available to check whether a website is compliant, but again, testing with people gives better and more realistic results. Ravelry has turned out to be the rudest and most judgemental website I’ve encountered. Redesigns can be controversial: the more people are used to an interface, the more difficult it is to accept changes. The Epilepsy Foundation of America issued a warning and indicated what might be the trigger to the seizures. I have been an active member since November 2007. Read it here: https://stitchedinthemiddle.com/ravelry-disability-and-accessibility-part-1/. As stated in a blog post published three days after the release, the team at Ravelry started the redesign in January 2019. As with any big change, there were both fans and a fair number of users less-than-enamored with it. We affectionately call her "Lumpy" :) If you need to update the Ravelry logo on your website, blog, marketing materials, social media, etc., we have a new page for that here. Sort & Filter. In June 2020, Ravelry announced a redesign of their new website. We acknowledge that our responses up to this point have been insufficient. Even more important now is for communities, online and not, to be more inclusive than ever. While I developed a mild headache after viewing patterns through the new interface, it was the callous disregard for others in the Ravelry response that has left me avoiding the site. They average about 1,000,000 active users every month with a user base of almost 10 million and exponentially growing. Tools are available to check whether a website is compliant, but again, testing with people gives better and more realistic results. My hope is that enough of us will move on, and utilize other platforms to access the designers we love. A poor website redesign can have negative consequences on your SEO, while a well-thought-out redesign can have minimal effects on your SEO. But unlike with most other Big, Unwelcome Changes on the Internet, there was a third group—people who were physically harmed by the new site. On June 26, a post called “Ravelry’s New Look: a Check-in” addressed readability and accessibility. Many of you will recognize the name Ravelry, and you should. The new branding is colourful: there are at least three bright accent colours and two others that are more neutral. While it’s clear they want to make the redesign work by fixing the problematic areas, the survey was troublesome: Ever since the first release, Ravelry made some changes to the interface, but they need to win back the trust of their community as well. ASAP: All regularly priced ready-to-ship yarns. I understand that for someone it’ll be difficult, but I saw a few designers offer now alternative spaces where to buy their patterns. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! They invite users to send them emails, but although they respond promptly to bug reports, to my knowledge no one has had a reply to emails about accessibility problems. They are concerned with different aspects of the design, but overlap. We acknowledge that our responses . I am dismantling my account, have left all of the groups, and use only my pages when I am there. A UX Designer with a passion for photography, she writes about design and tech. The redesign marks a new phase in the strange and exiting journey that has been Hands Occupied. Evanita hit me up with a message this week after learning how I had experienced a significant problem accessing Ravelry following the website redesign this week. Another facet is watching reactions: a session of half an hour per person would have uncovered many of the current complaints. I discovered a setting in my laptop that allows me the option of dimming the contrast, but Ravelry still bothers my eyes. Hands Occupied and the related work I do enabled me to leave my library career four months ago to pursue a full time design career. Ravelry is my favorite free resource website! Define your visual language . It was first launched in 2007. Your logo even causes issues for people with astigmatism. I’m so disappointed in them. 480 reviews for Ravelry, 3.2 stars: 'Ravelry no longer accepts Trump projects or supporters EXCEPT if you make projects that say "$#*! It was started by Cassidy and Jess Forbes in 2007. In the absence of early user testing, it might have been a good idea to roll out the redesign in batches, letting people use the new pages and leave feedback. I felt the same. Checking static images will never compare to checking live pages. Ravelry’s old logo, complete with Pride flag to show their history of inclusion. To avoid causing problems, I’ve created a separate page to show a couple of screenshots of the redesigned interface. People tend to spend a lot of time looking for patterns and instructions: arguably, a less contrasted interface might have worked better. The platform is massive: 800 pages that needed updating one by one. I forgot. I completely agree that the team should address concerns around accessibility and ensure that the design follows existing standards around that. 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