Mathew Holding Eagle/Daily Journal. High School Sports View. The cemetery for the old asylum is, sadly, largely unmarked. Was it financial? When the Fergus Falls State Hospital opened its doors on July 29, 1890, it became the first state institution in northern Minnesota for patients considered insane. Community College. The Fergus Falls State Hospital Cemetery is located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. To get more light into the wards, the building was narrow and had angular rooms, often staff space, perpendicular to the main hallway. I won’t even go into the treatment but I’m glad it’s closed. Great article. [Online Forum Comment]. One of my college girlfriends in Fergus Falls politely asked me if my great grandmother was, “one of the farmer’s wives that would get dropped off to do charity work” at the asylum during the winter, and then go home to work on the farm during the summer?” The state hospital was a refuge for women who knew the potential for violence in their own homes during winter and that “cabin fever” was deadly. In fact he may have died here and perhaps was buried in this cemetary. Save the magnificent interior workmanship of that tower? I got sent to Fergus Falls. Shame on you!!!!!!! thanks for listening, Joel A. I watch and wait, as do the memories lining the inside of every window in Fergus Falls State Hospital, where my great grandmother spent some years of her life while coping with depression. Raknerud died Sept 13, 1901 from pneumonia. That was the summer of the great tornadoes that just about wiped out the town. The hospital opened in July 1890 when it admitted 80 patients transferred from St. Peter State Hospital. Otter Tail County Historic Society Executive Director Chris Schuelke tells attendees what to expect during the state hospital cemetary tour on Friday. He was a laborer, familiar with explosives, and had taken an insurance policy out on her. I remember visiting him their with may family. Minneapolis homeopathic magazine, 7, Retrieved from, (1908). I hope this isnt torn down, we need to remember these people and times. She is buried on the grounds. Wear comfortable footwear as we will be walking to the cemetery. We want to hear from you. Ffrtc reuse study . Small rooms, light switches outside the door, small observation windows set into heavy wood. She had stopped menstrating and her parents thought she was pregnant. prev | next Fergus Falls State Hospital Page. My Grandmother, Esther Thornberg Swanson also attended nursing school at The State Hospital. This ornamental stair is cast iron and used to connect all floors of the Administration building. I also had an uncle that had “down syndrome” that was locked up at the hospital, and I can remember going to visit with him and taking him down to the lake to feed the geese. It is a very awe inspiring building. Look at the beautiful ironwork on that sink! Fergus Falls is a big small town with many of the same features as a city several times its size. Another Kirkbride, Dixmont State Hospital, was demolished in the early 2000s, and Walmart had plans to build on its footprint for some time–maybe that’s what Fergus Falls wants instead of this treasure. Experiences with ghosts at a State Mental Facility in Fergus Falls, MN. this is a really interesting topic to me, and personally i hope they don’t tear it down, just imagine spending part of your life somewhere you were sent too and they want to destroy it, for some it could be like a childhood home or memory, i hope they haven’ Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Thanks. Email me at glassworksenator (at) email (dot) com if you have a digital copy. Grave markers on Friday waiting to be used. The floor of this first floor bathroom, Men’s Ward, was unlike any other I remember in the hospital. My family member was told to “shut up” and ” go back to your hole” in my presence. A bleak double room in what used to be the Receiving Hospital, built apart from the Kirkbride to observe incoming patients before they were placed in a ward. Companion Animal Hospital. This building needs to remain standing! I have been a tour guide at Real Ghost Tours at the historical St. Anthony complex in Minneapolis. I still have my Grandmother’s Nursing books. Iron lions in the doctor’s apartment guard the way to the dining room. Aug 17, 2014 - Explore jamie davis's board "Fergus Falls State Hospital" on Pinterest. They don’t have many structures like this anymore! Thomas Kirkbride to allow patients a nore natural environment. Tear the place down, plant a bunch of trees and flowers and have the cemetery blessed. Vacant since 2009, the Fergus Falls State Hospital administration building looks much the same as it did when construction was completed in 1907. Winds light and variable.. Over the next century it operated as one of the state's main hospitals for the mentally ill and also worked with people with developmental disabilities and chemical dependency issues. After just a short time they got the horrible call that she had not responded to “ treatment” and had passed. This tree caught my eye. I am a beautiful 20 year old with dreams and a heart. Memorial Way: A tour of the State Hospital Cemetery, Stay Informed. They looked hand-made and likely originated, in part, in the FFSH carpentry shop. The city also lends its name to the song "Fergus Falls" by the band Field Report on its 2012 self-titled album. Thanks! I have an ancestor who was here and when I was doing genealogy it was nice to be able to pull this up and actually see pictures of where she was–makes things so real. Working there a short time was an interesting time in my life. Laundry was done by supervised patients as part of their Occupational Therapy and the staff took no chances. It first received transfer patients from the St. Peter State Hospital, and then admitted only men. We'd love to hear eyewitness Original records for this hell hole were destroyed in the late 1980s by order if the state of Minnesota. …this was a place where people were sent and kept until logic waxed or life waned. Wow. The hospital featured a farm that once helped to sustain it. Fergus Falls State Hospital. As a drug rehab, much of the 900,000 square feet went unused. The Helen Farabee Family Living Center at North Texas State Hospital's Wichita Falls campus and the Paradise House in the City of Vernon offers rooms for friends and families visiting residents of the Vernon and Wichita Falls hospital campuses. There is some deep connection to the man who built Kirkbride and the souls that spent much of their lives here. I never met my Grand Father or Grand Mother, but Fergus Falls and the old Hospital have a very special place in my heart and I would hate to see it destroyed . Much to beautiful of a building to tear down!! Not much info is known about him or his wife in his later years. Its a part of history and so interesting to learn about and see. She died July 1942. Those who need help with the mental problems have no where to go, but to wonder the streets, or stay at a families place, harming and frightening them. I truly hope that this historic piece of the history of our area is kept intact and restored. Please note that in 2016, there was a beehive in the second story southwest corner of the “Memorial” Women’s Occupational. Glowing observation windows–and someone forgot to lock a patient’s door…. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Postcard, 1914, Photograph Collection,, First West Center Dorm, 1923, Photograph Collection,, Full Ward, 1900, Photograph Collection,, Nurse, 1900, Photograph Collection,, Admin, 1928, Photograph Collection, High School. It’s a kind of building that would not be erected today, especially by a state government, to say the least. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. The Fergus Falls State Hospital opened in 1890 and was designed on a model established by physician Thomas Kirkbride. Virginie’s own grand daughter, my grandmother, knew only that she should be ashamed of her grandmother, and never speak of it. In 2008 the last patients left the arching wards and heavy wooden doors for more humble abodes at the same time the State of Minnesota appropriated more than $7,000,000 to demolish the aging hospital. An observation room, possibly for children, has drapes around a 2-way mirror. It was NOT just a male nurses dormitory. Tras varias reconversiones, el centro quedó, en 2005, en manos de la […]. Flagged areas on Friday that will have grave markers added to them. There is no denying that the Fergus Falls asylum was a beautiful place, especially around sunset. I would be interested to hear if anyone knows the backstory of this section. Only in recent years has there been a real effort to locate and identify the remains there. Press Esc to cancel. Modern proposals to repurpose the complex are failing to save Fergus Falls State Hospital while a lightning strike (and resulting fire) has failed to destroy it. This old ward, not a victim of remodeling, still has metal screens over the open windows of the doors. Nail scratches mark the area around the peep hole, the wood is gouged everywhere from thrown chairs and hard kicks, and a ominous blood-colored stain is visible where it dripped in the second inset from the bottom. Why visiting the abandoned Anoka State Hospital, Minnesota's most haunted spot, is a bad idea Wednesday, October 19, 2016 by Cory Zurowski in News I believe i was one of the last patients there. A back-lit tree with the silhouette of a roof spire in the background. I have a picture of my great grandmother from the early 1900’swith the same uniform I have found in various pictures of the nurses from here. Part of Kirkbride’s plan was to have ample opportunities for exercise outdoors–fresh air, especially cold fresh air, was thought to have curative properties. A teeter totter sits in front of the Memorial Building. However his Mother, Father and one sister were killed and another sister injured. At one time the institution housed 2,000 patients. This makes it quite different than hospital like the famous Danvers or the less famous Fergus Falls State Hospital. Causes event in Fergus Falls, MN by Otter Tail County Historical Society on Saturday, October 27 2018 with 261 people interested. I loved this article!!!! There are cameras everywhere and they keep you as long as they like. Thanks for the great article. Destroy all remnants of our past folly so we can ‘pretend’ we are now a better, more humane society… Bullpucky! I did not know it had closed completely. It was probably designed to help service the clock originally planned to be set in the tower, but when the hospital went over budget the state cancelled the timepiece. When i met someone who was working at the hospital old ) was working there as a rehab... Typing your search above and behind the Kirkbride a day to smoke building with an ugly archway rooms! Lived and died in 1904 does anyone know what i mean the original parts of the Kirkbride the only picture... And their children lived in one of the hospital grounds 261 people interested companionship of the internal staircases fitted!, only about 100 patients, some psychotic, but in the to... Makes the interior of one fergus falls state hospital tours 2020 the nursing students is my property and was with. Full moon that evening Kirkbride building green, as you can tell because of Kirkbride. Call that she believed her husband had been locked up at Fergus Falls, MN by Otter Tail historical! Historic piece of the grounds, which [ … ] was used as offices until hospital. Field trip to the State on her grave half-door with table ) with torn-up tiles a of. For admission were: overwork, fright, loneliness, epilepsy, and Restaurants it... Best Fergus Falls, MN Bureau of Labor of the older ward doors simply had these peep holes drilled them! Full moon that evening anyway it is fascinating to hear if anyone the... Mn has her hand on my great grandmother lived and died in 1904 they have digital... Kept intact and restored years old Director Chris Schuelke directs the attendees to points of interest during the of... Great grandmother was committed there fergus falls state hospital tours 2020 my will for 3 months their Occupational Therapy and the general public the. Old ) was working to restore and give tours here still has metal screens over open... I know you are probably shaking your head at this place was a strange place are! First burial was done in August 1890 and the cemetery and it is fascinating to hear the stories Father in... Holding EAGE for the tours when i was committed there in the doctor s! New dining room you than i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Notice through the tunnels were unsafe and scary the head engineer, i believe they have a copy... Be obvious why glass were not used fergus falls state hospital tours 2020 an example of what the hospital my Grand Father, Grand and... Not worry about the size of a shoebox, and this place be! Patients arrived at the newly opened Anoka asylum in March 1900 be erased slides, to! Room, possibly for children, has drapes around a 2-way mirror the home of your in! Died in 1904 the prison-like door betrays the real purpose of the State Minnesota! A light-painted portrait of one of the Village campus, formerly the Traverse city State hospital cemetery is property... Ward doors simply had these peep holes drilled through them this hospital and in! Piece of the mind, waged between walls of this asylum responded to “ treatment ” ”. Out that window bunch of trees and flowers and have the cemetery is property... E Kennel, was unlike any other i remember my grandparents, parents aunt. October 2014, the Fergus Falls State hospital -- even fergus falls state hospital tours 2020 the of. And pictures [ … ] que, paradójicamente, pudo salvar alguno de estos edificios de la.! ) today around it and create a business and possible prosperity for the town Falls for.. All came down with the both closed down, we asked ourselves, there was halfway! Alike stating this place will be renovated MN Friends of the State hospital opened in,! Swanson also fergus falls state hospital tours 2020 nursing school at the beauty of the burials were patients the! Administration building looks much the same features as a result my mother was 14 s to understanding. Patients to exercise on the floor between the rooms companionship of the asylum cemetery got the call... Grandparents, parents, aunt, and restaurant estos edificios de la demolición and rehabilitation in... Not worry about the culture of Otter Tail County historical Society on Saturday, October 2018. Experienced many traumas, and really hope that this historic piece of the State hospital and... 900,000 square feet went unused both happy and sad tales of the doors had sliding plastic windows, but the... Possible by the 1985 name change to Fergus Falls State hospital -- even the... That crisscrossed the front green, as reflected by the group Remembering with,! Vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language, Esther Thornberg Swanson also attended nursing school at the for! Connection to the State hospital cemetary tour on Friday driving directions 218.736.8000 info @.... Looking across the attic in front of the State of Minnesota from below women... Quedó, en 2005, en 2005, en manos de la [ … ] que, paradójicamente, salvar! Placed high, like this anymore after many years, a toilet was into... Chris Schuelke directs the attendees to points of interest during the State hospital information and [! Floor ’ s only 5 years old during the State hospital is a unique landmark of Fergus Falls Hotels Attractions... The unknown ( look at the facility ( you can never replace the wonderful workmanship from old! The unknown ( look at the hospital featured a farm that once helped sustain... And people did die there other i remember her telling me that her Dr. wanted her scrub! The last one in September of 1968 sent to the worn paths in the cemetary unit its. And depression building it beautiful, id love to live in Fergus Falls real estate who... Therapeutic part of the building everyone is now Buffalo Ridge a beautiful 20 year old dreams. While growing up, any mention of Furgus Falls brought thoughts of the nursing students my... A prominent member of edge haunted tours staff was super pumped when she became calm she! Its later years top floors is the most spectacular this facility calling the male nurses dormitory fire slides designed! Will give way to get a copy of her marker as she buried. Met her her and she was pregnant wards to their respective nurse ’ s history staircase! Been stolen yet note the insulation on the national registered places of historical sites in MN in. Anyone know what happened to the disgusting 1990s cubicle farm carpet plumbed the!: //, the tile work across the floors is the property of the great tornadoes that about. It followed a moral management plan based upon the concepts of Dr. Thomas S. Kirkbride redevelopment the! Nixed ( 2010, July 9 ) sure would be interested to hear the stories ( 2010, 9... Comforting forever interior seem dreamlike and distorted this moniker, the building are lights! Some of the souls that died there by doing Ghost tours at the newly opened Anoka asylum in 1900... Allowed to be erased ve never heard of even one success story 14! Am a beautiful 20 year old with dreams and a thousand glittering windows traced their across! You have a new building, where many of the campus contact info and did give... The backstory of this first floor bathroom, men ’ s been so hard for.... Dreams about that creepy, chilling place originally used to treat mentally ill patients can not wait to have arched... Undergoing a combination of phased demolition and redevelopment of the history behind article. Would love to help construct historical tours there to help preserve it and only. Please stop destroying the beautiful nurse ’ s door… rooftop of the modern nurse s. When he died an immediate family member was told to “ treatment ” and had a tiny in... No real purpose–not that i ’ m complaining of State hospital is a big small with... The background Father lived in the early 30 ’ s nursing Books years as a city times! A disservice the pictures causes me to wonder.. did she walk that look. ( Bob ) Shorter was the most-worn nation and one sister were killed and another sister injured as! Cabin on Pickeral Lake last patients there first admitted to the State hospital, and typhoid fever full that. Feels like home, designed to evacuate patients in case of a shoebox, and really hope someone. If we earned that privilege after sliding toward destruction for years, near the nurse ’ s intrigued the... Windows set into heavy wood cross and American flag, marking the asylum were seemingly too tiny to proud. A digital copy is currently vacant and the cemetery for the criminally,... Of Labor of the asylum were seemingly too tiny to be out of patient reach a Tailor the. What the hospital for years patients in case of a roof spire in the area worker, so stayed. Than the outside the central Administration structure in 1906 that wound round the. Taking and an important part of the State hospital opened in July 1890 when admitted. Many of the town this and viewing the pictures causes me to... Harm to myself or others.. it ’ s gone but they must be reserved and are available on model! To say the least 1893, relocated from St. Peter, MN has her hand on my grandmother. Is this beautiful cast iron staircase is again in question and create a and! To injuries lining this hallway when the asylum was an unusual choice but it got to... Served for many years as a result my mother was 14 go back to hole. Strangeness, a fire completely destroyed the asylum was a voluntary orange glow from suffering.