Males have a large gap … Be sure the chinchilla you're considering is active and bright-eyed, with a good appetite, plenty of energy, and a shiny coat. Males. Should you get a male chinchilla or a female one? Males trickle urine rather than spraying it, which means they’re slightly cleaner overall. There are practical considerations that may influence your preference for a male over a female Boxer, or vice versa. Answer. Or could it cause digestive …, Your chinchilla's ears can get dry, flaky and cracked for several reasons. Owning a male Boxer is a little different to owning a female. A chinchilla is a species of small rodents native to South America to 'make' a chinchilla you need to breed a male chinchilla with a female chinchilla in order to make baby chinchillas . Male and female chinchillas have been kept together, advice? That’s why most owners don’t bother having their male chinchillas neutered. Are male or female chinchillas nicer? When you introduce a female ( or more ) into a group of males, you then give them a reason to fight. Lanark, South Lanarkshire. While males urinate too, females can spray a distance of several feet. Females. It can make no real difference to its suitability as a pet. Do they poop on you, and is it disgusting …, Chinchillas take dust baths, not water baths, although it is possible to bathe a chinchilla in water if you know …, Lavender has a great reputation as a helpful herb. Chinchillas are social animals and can enjoy living with others. Female Chinchillas spray urine when agitated or frightened. I find that 2 males get along better than 2 females, but again, if they are siblings, then you should have no problem keeping them together. to return to the cage. Are Male Or Female Boxers Better Pets? The average weight for an adult female chinchilla is 400g – 600g (0.9 – 1.3 lb). Male and female chinchillas have been kept together, advice? 19 days ago. This quiz features questions on every topic of chinchilla care, from behavior to nutrition. General Chin Talk. Are Chinchillas Better Than Rabbits? My boys always seem to like their behind the ear scratches more than the girls! The owner will then presume that males or females are ‘better’. What matters far more than the sex of your pet is it’s temperament. You have no better chance of having a male + female pair than you do having a male + male or female + female pair. Or does it even matter? We'll update you when we post a new guide or a new quiz, and with exclusive content too! Males can flit from group to group as they please, while females have to protect the territory they find food in. Male Chinchillas CAN spray urine when irritated or frightened. 2 male chinchillas living together in the same scenario as two female chinchillas living together. What can happen is that an owner has a male or female chin which is highly territorial and dislikes handling. There is not a best answer to this - it really depends on the individual chinchilla. I had heard that female chinchillas are usually the more territorial, but didn't know if anyone had any experience with that and could say if … If you use a cable tidy, your chinchilla will just switch to chewing that instead. Very friendly female becomes less friendly if pregnant. But why? Most don’t care about breeding to better the species and will throw any male with any female just to get babies. Take our quiz and find out! As the table above shows. That would be like sending up a flare to any predator nearby—Come and get me! Having it slightly above the level of the floor means it won't sit in a pool of pee, and that your chinchilla can't easily spray it by accident if it ever sprays urine. This means females are more concerned with territory than males are, which seems to make males a little friendlier overall. Good for you! When you introduce a female ( or more ) into a group of males, you then give them a reason to fight.