Very positive experience with Damon! They did a replacement of my furnace and air conditioner. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and patiently answered my questions. This ensures that your home will always feel comfortable, with you having to readjust constantly. Thanks Luke and John C Flood! Gave me a temporary solution until the plumber could get there the. They were on time, polite, efficient and cleaned up along the removal and installation job. I was using John C Flood for the first time, and based upon my experience with David I signed up for the annual 'contract' immediately. Pricing was competitive, and I would call them again. He went above and beyond and made me feel as if he was not in a hurry to be finished, but that he would take as long as needed to talk through options with me. Trust the team at John C. Flood to put your home’s comfort first. Select Auto Heat/Cool. We do it all, so call (703) 752-1266 or contact us online with any questions today! The recommended thermostat settings during months of extreme temperatures are obvious. James successfully diagnosed my plumbing issue, let me know the estimated cost up-front, and did a terrific job fixing the problem. ! My wife and I always have James come to the house. I am so glad I was able to use their services again. The repair was more difficult than he expected and it took almost four times as. Save Energy—Automatically. Five stars! He was also provided information regarding my. Other. He explained technical things to me in plain English in a professional, friendly manner and made me feel at ease while conducting business in my home. WE HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT JUST GETTING ON THEIR CALENDAR WAS GOING TO BE AT LEAST A WEEK. Michael Dailey came on less than a day's notice and resolved a long-standing issue with our powder. He was very helpful letting me know what to do to keep things running well in the future. He is a true gem. I was happy to come home to a dry basement! The more difficult question is “what should my thermostat be set to in the fall?” When the leaves start to change color and pumpkin patches start popping up on every corner, you might want to start considering whether it’s time to change your thermostat from “cool” to “heat.” However, knowing exactly when to make the switch can be tricky for homeowners experiencing frequent temperature fluctuations. In a sudden temperature drop due to a cold front in the middle of the night, the HVAC was blowing cold going to be and then was blowing warm air in the morning when we woke up based on our … This is my 4th on-site visit with the people from John C. Flood, and further reinforces my positive feelings towards them. The ecobee Smart Thermostat is a simple, stylish way to control your heating and cooling throughout your home. taken care of our needs and requirements for the past 15 years. According to ecobee, "Energy savings are calculated by correlating how long your heating and cooling equipment runs to local weather conditions. Plumber called as well to let me know he was on the way. Very happy with John C. Flood. I would absolutely use him again and couldn’t recommend him more strongly. The appointment was pretty quick and we're up and running with our AC :) Great experience from start to finish. Recommended. John C. Fl